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What We Do

Government Sourcing Solutions invented Cooperative Sourcing in 2005 and remains the leading consulting firm helping state and local governments with its implementation. We have worked with thirty-four states and some of the nation's largest cities and counties, helping them save tens of millions of dollars and increasing the dollars going to small, minority and women owned businesses — all while significantly reducing staff resource time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help America's state and local procurement managers. Public procurement is in our DNA. Prior to joining Government Sourcing Solutions, we were the procurement directors of four U.S. states and several large cities and higher education institutions. From having sat in the procurement director’s chair, we know the enormous pressure they are under every day, because we felt the very same pressures. We know that they are constantly being asked to do more and more — from buying green to procuring homeland security products and services to finding savings wherever they can. We also know that procurement organizations have far fewer resources as staffs and budgets have been slashed due to budgetary challenges. Cooperative Sourcing will not solve all of these problems, but it can help and so can we.

How we help governments

First, we scour the country for the best strategically sourced public sector contracts. We ensure that they have been competitively procured and that they have the potential to save money for governments that piggyback on them. We take great care to select contracts held by world-class suppliers with integrity — companies we would have been proud to work with when we were procurement directors.

Second, we help to educate procurement directors on these contracts. While some of the contracts are fairly run-of-the-mill, others are more complex. We help the purchasing leadership understand the value of the contracts. We don’t just paint a rosy picture. We also tell them some of the challenges — both internal and external — that they may face.

Finally, we use good old fashioned analytics to see if piggybacking on one of these Cooperative Sourcing agreements makes sense. We help governments build a business case for piggybacking based on empirical data. If there is no business case to be made, we will tell them that too.